Inductive Force Touch sensor


Most wearable devices rely on mechanical buttons which require cutouts in the enclosure making the device harder to seal off and more likely to receive a lower IP rating. In addition, mechanical buttons require the use of moving parts, metallic contacts, and gaskets which present long term reliability issues, increased costs, and inferior immunity to environmental factors.


– Offer a compelling alternative to mechanical buttons as they enable cutout free enclosure designs which allow the device to receive higher IP ratings.

– In a wearable not only makes the device more likely to receive a higher IP rating but also enables a wide range of industrial designs which were previously not achievable. Inductive Touch buttons can be implemented in many ways

– Physically robust as they are gasket-less and have no moving parts

– Respond directly to the amount of force applied on the button surface, they can be used with gloves and even underwater

Use Impedance Sensor: DT-IMA01C

  • Wearable
  • Electronics
  • Non-contact
  • Low price: TBD
  • Low power: under 10uA (100SPS)
  • Small size: depend on a  package
  • Very Low MCU load – No computing, Just on/off signal
  • Ingress Protection or IP rating