2-Ch Impedance ROIC

General Description

The DT_IMA Family are an ROIC for inductive and capacitance sensor. Inductive and capacitance sensor is contactless and non-magnetizing technology. Impedance sensor principle uses variations such as Amplitude, Frequency, and Phase depending on the distance between the conductor and the coil. In addition, capacitance principle can detect live finger and spoof finger as Play-doh, silver ink, silicone graphite and polyvinyl.


Position Sensor

Proximity Sensor

Rotation Sensor

Saw-tooth Counting Sensor

Toothed motion sensor

Compression, extension and distortion sensor

LFD (Live Finger Detection)

Motion detection


Temperature stable operating

Full-scale analog output

Switching operation

Supply voltage: 2.5~3.6V

Output Signal Type: Digital (SW), Analog

Inductance and capacitance measuring

Contactless switching operation

Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 125 ̊C

Package: 24QFN (4mm X 4mm)